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Biological Micronutrients

Biological micronutrients like amino acids and humic acids can improve soil health and increase nutrient availability, helping plants absorb more nutrients and increasing yields. Biological micronutrients also enhances soil microbiology and reduces reliance on fossil fuel-based crop inputs.

Biological Micronutrients


Katapult is an elite potassium product that promotes the uptake and translocation of K and other nutrients.

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Biological Micronutrients


Our AF5Plus is made up of Iron, Molybdenum, Copper, and Zinc product.

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Supercharge Your Soil Health

Take the first step towards healthier soil with ROI Biologicals! Our soil testing provides comprehensive insights into nutrient composition, microbial diversity, and overall health so you can choose the right biological micronutrients for your specific needs.

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Why Biological Micronutrients?

Biological micronutrients are a superior investment for farmers looking to enhance crop health and improve yields. They offer benefits over traditional synthetic fertilizers, including:

  • Increased nutrient availability: Biological micronutrients help improve soil health and nutrient cycling, allowing plants to take up more nutrients.
  • Enhanced root growth: Micronutrients like amino acids promote healthier root systems, making plants more resilient.
  • Improved soil structure: Biological inputs can improve soil tilth and structure for easier plant growth.
  • Higher yields: By enhancing nutrient uptake and plant health, biological micronutrients can increase yields.

Biological micronutrients are also a more sustainable option than synthetic fertilizers. They do not degrade the environment or contribute to emissions.

For farmers seeking to boost crop health and productivity while reducing reliance on synthetic inputs, biological micronutrients are an excellent investment. These natural products offer incredible improvements in ROI.

How Biological Micronutrients Increase Crop Yields

Biological micronutrients enhance crop health and productivity without relying on synthetic additives.

These natural inputs contain beneficial microbes that break down nutrients into plant-available forms. This allows crops to take up more essential nutrients from the soil. Biological micronutrients also protect plant roots by forming a barrier against pathogens trying to enter and cause disease.

As a result, farmers can see significant increases in crop yields with biological micronutrients. This enables growing more food on the same amount of land while saving on costs and minimizing environmental impacts.

Biological micronutrients are an ideal solution for farmers aiming to boost yields through improved plant nutrition and protection. Unlike synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, these natural inputs work with plant and soil biology to enhance productivity sustainably.

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How To Use Biological Micronutrients for Maximum Yield


Choose the right Biological Micronutrients for your crops and soil type


Apply your Biological Micronutrients correctly for maximum benefit


Monitor results to optimize your crop yield

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