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In today’s world of agriculture, precision is the key to optimizing productivity and resource utilization. Gone are the days of applying blanket rates of lime and fertilizer to every acre. With the advent of precision agriculture techniques and technologies, such as Variable Rate Technology (VRT), farmers now have the means to tailor their soil amendment practices according to the specific needs of each area within their fields. This shift towards precision agriculture has highlighted the importance of understanding soil variability and the critical role of the soil microbiome. In our soil testing lab, we bring this innovation to you.

Why Test Your Soil?

Traditionally, farmers would apply lime and fertilizer uniformly across their fields without considering the inherent variability in soil characteristics. However, this approach often led to inefficient use of resources and suboptimal crop performance. Today, by leveraging advanced technologies like VRT, farmers can gather data on soil nutrient status and pH at a granular level, allowing them to make precise and targeted applications of lime and fertilizer. This not only improves cost-effectiveness but also minimizes environmental impact by reducing the risk of nutrient runoff and pollution.

However, it’s not just the chemical properties of the soil that require attention. The soil microbiome, consisting of a diverse community of microorganisms, plays a vital role in nutrient cycling, disease suppression, organic matter decomposition, and overall soil health. Soil management practices, such as tillage, herbicide use, and fungicide application, can have a profound impact on the composition and functionality of the soil microbiome.

Understanding the Soil Microbiome

Understanding the soil microbiome and its dynamics is crucial for optimizing agricultural practices. Different microbial species thrive under different conditions, and their activities can significantly influence plant health and productivity. This is particularly important when considering the use of biological products, which rely on harnessing the power of beneficial microorganisms to enhance nutrient availability and promote plant growth

Precision agriculture has revolutionized the way farmers approach soil amendment practices. By embracing precision and incorporating soil microbiome analysis, growers can optimize their agricultural practices, improve crop yields, and make more efficient use of resources. 

Understanding the variability in soil nutrient status, pH levels, and the composition of the soil microbiome empowers farmers to make informed decisions when applying lime, fertilizer, and biological products. This knowledge enables sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices, fostering a harmonious relationship between agriculture and the natural ecosystem.

How Soil Testing Works

When you send samples to our lab, you will receive a copy of your comprehensive results paired with detailed recommendations to help stimulate and rebalance your microbial community for years to come.

One common challenge in the realm of biological products is the lack of informed decision-making. With a multitude of products available, each with its own composition and mode of action, it becomes imperative to identify which products are most suitable for a particular soil and crop system. This is where soil microbiome analysis comes into play. By evaluating the microbial communities present in the soil, farmers can gain insights into the existing population of beneficial microorganisms and identify any imbalances or deficiencies. This information allows them to make informed decisions about the selection and application of biological products, maximizing their return on investment.

Full Lab Analysis

But this analysis is hard to do on your own. Instead, ROI Biologicals offers a full lab analysis of your soil. Our expert staff is certified in direct microscopy evaluation and classification techniques that ensure the most accurate results possible. To facilitate soil microbiome analysis, our specialized laboratory is armed with expertise in direct microscopy evaluation and classification techniques to offer valuable services to farmers. The lab can analyze soil samples and provide comprehensive reports detailing the composition and diversity of the soil microbiome.

With that, we offer recommendations on strategies to stimulate and rebalance the microbial community, ensuring optimal soil health and crop performance. This goes beyond offering information and focuses on offering you actionable steps to make your soil work for you, improving your soil health, crops, sustainability, and profitability.