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Better from the ground up.

ROI Biologicals is a leader in the development and delivery of biological solutions that improve soil health, increase crop yields, and reduce the use of synthetic chemicals.

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Why Biologicals?

ROI Biologicals is your one-stop shop for biological products that improve your entire process of farming.

Soil health is addressed, crops are increased, and synthetic chemicals are reduced or eliminated. Our products are backed by the latest scientific research and have been proven effective, and they are safe for both the environment and human health.

Our customers report:

  •   Improved soil health
  •   Increased crop yields
  •   Reduced use of synthetic chemicals
  •   Safe for the environment and for human health

We are committed to you as a provider, helping you ensure healthy soil and high crop yields, as well as keeping the Earth healthy. With a focus on sustainability, we are able to serve both farmers and the planet with high-quality products and through quality education.

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Our Products

Whether you want to test your existing soil or you already know it needs improvement, ROI Biologicals can help. Our laser focus on the health of soil means that we offer both fertilizer and micronutrient supplements to farmers across the world. If you aren’t sure what your soil needs, we will also work with you to understand your environment and make customized recommendations for your particular needs.

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A micronutrient additive that helps avoid nutrient deficiencies and break through yield plateaus, containing 8 important nutrients.

Rhizo-Max Premier

A fertilizer designed to both reduce cost and improve yield by making nutrients more bioavailable to all plants and crops.

Soil Testing

A full scientific analysis of your soil to help you understand the health of the soil and any areas that we can improve. This includes physical, chemical, and microbial analysis.


Whether on-farm or virtual, our team of agronomists is available to help create a crop plan or demonstrate how our products can help.

Work With Us

Whatever questions you have, we are here to help. Our passion is teaching farmers about the importance of soil health, and we are available by phone or email to help you learn and grow in this area.


Education & Training

While our products are top-of-the-line, we also believe in sharing information with farmers. Your crops will benefit from knowledge just as much as the right additives, and we are dedicated to sharing that knowledge with you.

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