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Soil Biology Testing For Farmers

At ROI Biologicals, we recognize the critical role of soil biology in determining overall soil health. To provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your soil’s biological aspect, we recommend a thorough microscopic analysis. Our soil biology assessment uses microscopy to assess the populations and biomass of key organisms, including bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes.

Why Choose Soil Biology Assessment?

Benchmark Your Soil Health

Our microscope assessment serves as a benchmark to gauge the current state of your soil health. By understanding the composition and activity of soil organisms, we can identify the primary weaknesses and focus on targeted improvements. This assessment is akin to a soil sample, providing a starting point for tailored biological product recommendations.

Customized Recommendations

Unlike many companies that offer generic product recommendations nationwide, we believe in personalized solutions. By analyzing your unique soil biology, we can provide recommendations specific to your farm’s needs. We don’t jump into product recommendations without first observing your current status, ensuring that our suggestions align with your soil’s requirements.

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How to Perform Soil Sampling for Biology Assessment

  1. Select Fields for Testing: To begin, we recommend starting with two or three representative fields. It’s essential to collect samples while weeds or crops are actively growing, as this is when microbial numbers and activity are at their peak.
  1. Gather Soil Samples: Follow these steps to gather accurate soil samples
  • Choose an average yielding area within the field. For example, if your bean field averaged 50 bushels per acre, select an area with a yield close to that number.
  • Gently remove any crop residue from the soil surface in the area where you plan to take a core. However, do not disturb or remove the topsoil layer (approximately 1/4″), as it contains valuable soil biology.
  • Using a clean soil probe, collect seven cores, each 3 inches deep, from an approximately 10′ x 10′ area. Place the cores into a soil sample bag.
  • For future reference, consider placing a flag in the sampled area to ensure consistent sampling if retesting is required.
  • Label each bag with the field name and specify the crop type that will be grown in that field next season or the current crop type (corn, beans, watermelons, wheat, canola, etc.).

Additional Sampling Option

If desired, you can compare biology between different areas within the same field. Take two samples—one from a higher yielding area and another from a lower yielding area—to analyze and compare the soil biology. However, if you know that the lower yielding spot is due to specific reasons such as compaction, wet swales, sandy ridges, etc., it may not be necessary to invest in a separate biology sample (unless you wish to do so).

Understanding the Results

The microscopic assessment is a meticulous process that can take several hours to complete. Therefore, we typically provide the results within 1-2 weeks after receiving your samples. While a consultation to discuss and explain the results and treatment options is available, it is not mandatory. We believe in providing our customers with the freedom to choose the level of engagement that suits their needs.

Experience the Difference with ROI Biologicals

When you choose us for your soil biology assessment, you’re not just receiving a one-time service. You’re gaining a partner in your journey toward sustainable and regenerative agriculture. Our commitment to personalized solutions, expert analysis, and ongoing support sets us apart.

Unlock the potential of your soil, maximize your yields, and promote a resilient farm ecosystem. Trust ROI Biologicals to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and support you need to succeed.


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