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An Elite Potassium Product!


Katapult is an elite potassium product that promotes the uptake and translocation of K and other nutrients within the plant. All ingredients in Katapult have been proven to significantly improve photosynthesis, maximizing nutrient uptake and grain fill of all crops. The higher content of acetate in Katapult compared to other potassium acetate products on the market means peak photosynthetic efficiency and translocation of nutrients. The addition of molybdenum, cobalt, fulvic acids, and our patented Xy-Phlo technology provides a strong synergistic effect of all products that may be tank mixed with Katapult.


Soluble Potash

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Improves Photosynthesis

This promotes nutrient uptake and translocation of sugars, starches, proteins, amino acids, and nutrients

Synergistic Ingredients

These 4 additional ingredients increase potassium uptake and utilization

Keeps Plant Canopy Cooler

This lengthens grain fill period and can improve seed weight and/or kernel weight

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